Google Stadia Getting 10 Timed-Exclusives

Google Stadia intends to impress gamers with 10 timed-exclusives which are releasing all throughout the first half of 2020.

Image showing the various titles available on Google Stadia
Image source: Google

The last time I talked about Stadia was when the Achievements feature finally arrived. That was way back in December. What does Google plan to do with their cloud gaming service? Timed-exclusives. That’s right, Google Stadia is getting 10 timed-exclusives in the first half of 2020. Not something I expected to see this soon, but they are desperate for a way to pull people in. What’s a better way to force something onto a consumer than exclusivity? When you strip away all other options and leave only one, then there’s not much of an option left, is there?

That isn’t the only thing Google shared with Eurogamer. More than 120 titles are coming to Google Stadia in 2020. Stadia Games and Entertainment are the ones working on exclusives. We don’t know what kind of games are coming, but Google plans to put even more focus on Google Stadia in 2020. Will that fix the people’s opinions on this cloud gaming service? Probably not, but let’s wait and see if these exclusives end up being something amazing. Something so good you’d buy Google Stadia just to play them.

Image depicting a Google Stadia controller
Image source: Google

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