Grab Hyper Light Drafter For Free While You Can

Hyper Light Drifter is currently free for grabs and if you like 16bit action-adventure RPGs with stellar pixel art go grab it.

Player in a mesmerizing room of purple color fighting enemies
Image credit: Heart Machine

Challenging and frustrating combat. Impeccable and awe-inspiring pixel environments. Stellar use of color all around. Hyper Light Drifter is all of that and more. Games that are usually inspired by 16bit classics fail to capture what made those titles great. Well, gameplay formulas that were popular then are hard to recreate today without making them obnoxious. Heart Machine managed to do just that with this title. It’s a Souls-like so you can already imagine that it’s pretty hard. But it isn’t as punishing as other games in this genre. The world the devs created is also incredible. The art style, the structures, the enemies, all of it is a visual feast for the eyes.

Epic Games already offered this title for free once. I picked it up then and then forgot about it. So as you can imagine I was quite surprised when I saw that I already owned it. But, you should pick it up. However you need to be quick. Each new day comes with a new free game. There’s not a lot of time to wait so go over to the Epic Store right now. Get Hyper Light Drifter for free while the opportunity still exists!

Player in front of some sci-fi-inspired building
Image credit: Heart Machine

Already own this title? Not to worry, I have another offer for you then. Dead Cells is another roguelike, a 2D one at that, and it also has incredible combat, a gorgeous world, and lots of content. Dead Cells can be bought on HRK Game for a great price right now!

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