Grab The Witness For Free

The Witness is one of the strangest games of 2016, quite hard to understand but still brilliant, and it’s free on the Epic Store.

The Witness

The Witness is one of those games that features incredible graphics and a truly wondrous atmosphere, but once you get to the puzzles found later on, you will understand why most people never finished this title. The first couple a few aren’t all that tough, but when the end of The Witness starts approaching, the puzzles become baffling pieces of confusion that could prove difficult to solve for anyone that isn’t a genius. We may be overexgarirating by just a bit.

We don’t want to say that you can’t figure them out, you can, it’s just going to take an abscene amount of time, time that some people don’t want to waste on just one puzzle. So, if there are people out there that are looking for an enthralling video game that features some truly challenging puzzles, why don’t you give The Witness a try?

The Witness

Right now, the game is free for the taking on the Epic Store. There’s time until April 18th to pick up this title, and even though you might not like hardcore puzzles, you can still pick it up for free right now on the Epic Store, if anything, to enjoy the stunning environments.

Make sure to take advantage of this opportunity, as free games are loved by all gamers!

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