Grab Wasteland 2 For Free While You Still Can

GOG is giving away Wasteland 2, a gritty and exceptionally compelling and challenging CRPG, free of charge for a limited time!

The Rangers facing off against an enemy while something explodes in front of them
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inXile Entertainment

Wasteland 2 is what Fallout 3 was supposed to be. An isometric CRPG set in a gritty and brutal post-apocalyptic world. It’s also full of excellent RPG mechanics and outstanding writing. A compelling story with gripping characters is the icing on this cake. It’s probably the best game that came out of 2014. Anyone that likes these kinds of CRPGs needs to get this game. Now’s the best time to do that as it is free for grabs. That’s right, GOG is offering Wasteland 2 Director’s Cut Digital Classic Edition for 0$. You have a bit over 12 hours to grab it free of charge while this offer still lasts. I recommend that you head over to GOG immediately and pick up this excellent post-apocalyptic CRPG gem while you still can!

The Director’s Cut edition comes with a lot of awesome new features:

  • An amazing graphical makeover: The rough and rugged characters and environments of Wasteland 2 have been completely rebuilt in Unity 2 to make their ruggedness even more visually impressive.
  • New ways to customize your squad with Perks and Quirks: Pick quirky personality traits for your characters that offer special bonuses and unique drawbacks.
  • Precision Strikes: Take out a leg to slow your enemy down, or aim for the head for a brutal and clean kill.
  • A lot of new voices: The Wasteland gets over 8,000 new lines of dialogue for even greater immersion.
The Rangers throwing a bomb at an enemy
Image credit:
inXile Entertainment

If you’re already familiar with this title, then another one similar to it is Mutant Year Zero, which you can pick up on HRK Game right now for an amazing price!

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