Grand Theft Auto V Getting Close To 100 Million In Sales

When it comes to video games, few things get people going like talking about how well a high-profile game has sold, or has not sold. Depending on sales, a game can be greenlit for a sequel quickly, or be left alone to die. And then, you get titles like Grand Theft Auto V. The fifth main game in the controversial franchise has been breaking sales records basically since it came out in 2013. And it has shown no signs of slowing, and that continues to this day.

During a financial call today, Rockstar Games has stated that Grand Theft Auto V has sold around 95 million copies, that’s 5 million more than the last “update” they did when the game was at 90 million a few months ago. There are games that go whole lifetimes without reaching 5 million in sales, or even 1 million, yet GTA 5 does it in months, and it’s still not stopping.

Grand Theft Auto V: Premium Online Edition

What this means as a whole is that the game is so popular it can without a doubt reach 100 million by the end of the year, if not sooner. I’m being very conservative here because there’s no predicting the game market at times. But if it doesn’t hit 100 million in lifetime sales before the end of 2018, I’ll be very surprised.

GTA V is almost always in the Top 10 list of NPD results for every month, sometimes going as high as 3 or 4 depending on the months’, or previous months’ games. Word of mouth is likely a factor in why it’s so successful as well, as people are raving about it all over the internet and so others go and pick it up.

GTA Online also is a big factor, as that adventure is always updating and getting new things added to it. So, how high will the game go? Probably as high as Rockstar Games wants it to.

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