Grim Dawn – Forgotten Gods Is Here

The latest expansion for one of the greatest singleplayer action RPGs in recent years, Grim Dawn, has arrived with all of its new features ready.

Grim Dawn

Don’t even mention action RPGs if you haven’t been able to enjoy the splendid sorrow and eerieness from this jewevl. Alongside Path of Exile, Grim Dawn stands at the top of the ARPG loot-filled rankings. It is a title that has been crafted with incredible passion and is one of those quirky experiences that won’t be noticed by many but will have a cult following.

Well, after the Ashes of Malmouth, we finally got another expansion, which is unfortunately a bit smaller in scope than the first one. Nonetheless, everyone is very excited to see the Erulan Empire and slay some monsters for new loot!

Grim Dawn

New items, crazy movement abilities, and a new game mode that offers an endless amount of slaughter and loot collection. The addition that has us most excited is the Oathkeeper Class Mastery. She can throw her shields and make it bounce between enemies, killing them off spectacularlly. What’s not to love? If there is something that Forgotten Gods brings to Grim Dawn, it is lore and story. Are you prepared to join the fray and help the With God cults against one forgotten god that is obviously mad that everyone neglected him for so long. You can never make that kind of mistake with a god.

Grim Dawn

New enemies, new factions, new items, new environmens, Frogotten Gods has a lot of content for you to dive into!

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