GTA 4 Gets Removed From Steam Because Of Games For Windows Live

GTA 4 gets removed from Steam because of Microsoft’s no longer supported and quite loathed Games For Windows Live platform.

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Image credit: Rockstar Games

No one in this world liked Games For Windows Live. It was an extremely horrible platform that Microsoft really wanted to succeed. As people that live in the present, we know that never happened. Games For Windows Live lived and died without becoming anything close to a good online gaming service. It was last updated for 2014, so naturally, Microsoft decided to ditch it and they never touched it again. That is a problem for games that use GFWL. One of those titles is GTA 4, which has now been removed from Steam.

How exactly is Games for Windows Live responsible for GTA 4 being removed from Steam? Well, GFWL can no longer generate keys, so no more new copies of the game can be sold, a Rockstar games spokesperson told PCGamesN. Since this is Rockstar, I’m betting they’re already coming up with a way to bring the game back on Steam. Strange that Episodes from Liberty City, a standalone DLC collection that also uses GFWL, can still be bought on Steam.

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Image credit: Rockstar Games

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