GTA Online: After Hours Update Live On PC

GTA Online: After Hours update which allows us to buy and run our very own nightclubs, is now live on the PC. The performers that you can hire in-game are actual performers in real life (Solomun, Dixon, Tale of Us, and The Black Madonna), so buy one of the ten purchasable nightclub locations and organize a party!


GTA Online

Why would you go to parties when you can make one yourself? The After Hours update gives us a lot of new things to do, and running a nightclub definitely seems like a fun idea. Up to 30 people can enter the club if they want to dance, meet new people, or even indulge in some kind of criminal activities. This is GTA Online we’re talking about, so there’s crime everywhere around you. You can earn money by just charging money for the entry fee, but where’s the fun in that?

GTA Online

This update also allows you to customize your nightclub in various ways. Change its name, mess around with the decor, and so on. The clubs are rather expensive investments, so those of you that don’t have a pile of cash lying around probably won’t be too interested in this update. But, After Hours also brought seven new vehicles to GTA Online, and everyone likes those.

Those of you that are on the Guest List will also get all kinds of freebies, including free cash, which is always needed.


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