GTA Online: Double GTA$ & RP On Many Activities

GTA Online always has some sort of event that gives double GTA$ an RP, and this time Smuggler’s Sell Missions, Dogfights, and Client Jobs will earn you some extra cash.

GTA Online

Cash rules everything around you in GTA Online. If you don’t have a lot of GTA$ and RP, you won’t be able to afford all the toys you want. By toys, we mostly mean military-grade weapons and absurdly fast cars. Airplanes and other vehicles are also available to you if you got the money. Now, this week there are many different activities that give you bonus GTA$ & RP.

Looking for an intense experience with often fast vehicles that could kill you in a matter of moments? Well, you’re in luck, as all Smuggler’s Run Sell Missions are giving Double GTA$ & RP until October 29th. If you’re more of a man that would go into high-octane 1v1 Dogfights you are also in luck as those dish out double the standard rewards until October 29th as well. Client Jobs are the last of these activities that award you with double the money you normally get.

GTA Online

All kinds of terrific planes and very luxurious cars are on sale right now if you’re looking for some. You can check out the details on these on the official site. GTA Online players should also consider doing the Double-Action Revolver & Stone Hatchet kill challenges if they haven’t already. After all, what is a better way to celebrate the arrival of Red Dead Redemption 2 than killing some people with Wild West-themed weapons? Players also get quite a lot of cash for completing these challenges.


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