GTA Online Gives You Free GTA$ For Logging In Again

GTA Online is pretty famous right now for giving you free GTA$ just for playing the game, and it’s happening again right now.

GTA Online

Everything is bought with money in GTA Online, kind of like in real life. That’s why you should never refuse someone that is offering you money for free, right? As per usual, certain modes will also be giving you double GTA$ & RP. But, the main point is that you can get $750K for logging into the game right now. That’s right, and each subsequent day that you log in after that you get another $100K. Keep doing this until November 26th and you will have $1.35M by the time this opportunity ends. A pretty good deal if you ask us. So, what are you waiting for? Go and log into the game so you can get some free cash!

GTA Online

Now, the Sumo (Remix) and the Running Back (Remix) are giving out double GTA$ & RP. This is pretty standard business for GTA Online by now, and it keeps players motivated to do these kinds of activities regularly. Why wouldn’t you? They are an excellent way of getting lots of GTA$ and RP.

GTA Online
Overflod Entity XXR (Photo: @Jordy_Prod)

But folks, that’s not all! All kinds of beautiful and powerful cars are available for 40% off. The incredibly fast Dewbauchee Vagner and the stunning Nagasaki Shotaro are one of the few cars that had their prices cut. A lot of planes and helicopters are also on sale. All kinds of things are cheap now, so pick what you want and buy it while the price is right.


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