GTA Online Got Assassination Missions

GTA Online is a really wild experience now, with all kinds of available jobs and things to do for fun and for money. Those you that just want to cause chaos and havoc in the game’s online mode, there is a job now where you get to murder people for money. Yes, GTA Online got assassination missions in its latest update. Two new cars also came, and they are both beautiful classics, the Lampadati Michelli GT and the RUNE Cheburek. That’s not all, as you will earn double GTA$ and RP in Motor Wars and Trap Door Adversary modes, as well as double GTA$ and RP from Smuggler’s and Gunrunning Sell missions until June 4th.


GTA Online

More jobs are always welcome, especially if they involve getting into exciting firefights and eliminating enemies that are of equal skill. Well, basically, the Madrazo Dispatch Services Contact Missions in GTA Online are all about that, as this mister is looking for capable people to carry out assassinations, but not just any kind, he needs you to do things like: “Infiltrate LSPD holding cells or launch an assault on Merryweather HQ as you seek to silence a few names on Madrazo’s hit list.”, so this is serious business.

On the other hand, the two new vehicles, the Lampadati Michelli GT and the RUNE Cheburek are both classic beauties that you can drive if you’re a fan of older cars. You can find both of them at the Southern San Andreas Super Autos.


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