GTA Online Is Giving Away A Lot Of Money This Week

It’s a standard already to have events give you in-game cash in GTA Online. This time, expect new liveries and mod options, discounts on vehicles like the Dinka Jester Classic, and more.

GTA Online

Cash moves everything around you in GTA Online. This means that more is always better, and why wouldn’t you want free money? What do you have to do to get this money? Well, just log into the game before October 15th. After you do that, you will get $300,000 on your Maze Bank account by October 22nd.

GTA Online

There are other things that can get you some free cash. For example, there are challenges that revolve around a certain theme. The Double-Action Revolver Challenge and the Stone Hatchet challenge. Each of these Read Dead Redemption 2 challenges give you $250,000 when you complete them, and also $250,000 the next week. If these are already checked in your book of completed challenges, you get another $250,000 just for logging in.

GTA Online

The Southern San Andreas Super Autos catalog got three new stars. The Karin Futo, Bollokan Prairie and the Imponte Ruiner are the new beauties that you can purchase.

Players also have until October 15th to earn even more cash. This is quite a time if you’re low on funds, as everything is just spitting out free money. You just have to grab it. Anyway, the four remixed Adversary Modes (Hunting Pack (Remix), Trading Places (Remix), Running Back (Remix), Sumo (Remix)) give you Double GTA$ and RP, so take advantage of that while you can.

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