GTA Online Player Got $10K For Fixing Load Times

Rockstar Games confirmed that GTA Online loading times have been resolved by one player that was then awarded with $10K.

GTA Online loading times
Image credit: Rockstar Games

A problem that a dev could solve in a single day

GTA Online player tosterxc got sick and tired of the horrendous GTA Online loading times. So, instead of waiting for a fix that would never come, he took matters into his own hands. Remarkably, the lad managed to reduce the load times by up to 70%.

Quite an achievement, if it’s true, that is. After all, if it was that easy, Rockstar would have fixed it by now. At least that’s what we’d all like to think. It’s standard for modders and fans of games to fix titles instead of devs. But, Rockstar has reached out to PC Gamer. They’ve confirmed the fix as real and something that’s getting implemented officially. An unexpected, but welcome surprise to many.

A $10K reward for a simple fix

A lot of big companies give money to people that find bugs, security leaks,  or other issues with their apps, website, and so on. Rockstar has its own Bug Bounty program. Usually, it’s used to award people that find security and privacy issues in online games. However, Rockstar found this loading times fix to be worthy.

tosterxc even has a full, in-depth explanation as to how he worked his magic. You can read the full thing to see what exactly was the problem.

GTA Online loading times
Image credit: Rockstar Games

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