GTA V Mod Adds Thanos To The Game

As we all know, the modding community of any game is always the best thing about it. The fans of the title are given tools which they can use to put anything and everything into their favorite game, and as we all know, humans can think of some pretty awesome things. For example, a GTA V modder added the Mad Titan to the game. He comes strapped with his Infinity Gauntlet, and as you can imagine, he can do a lot of damage. Unfortunately, he doesn’t have all the powers that he has in the movies, but he can still turn things into water and people into various animals (probably the doing of the Reality Stone), and he can call meteors to rain down and destroy anyone who opposes him.


In a PC Gamer article, we found out that the guy that added the Avengers and the Incredible Hulk to GTA V is also the one that is bringing the Mad Titan to the game. He and his modding team have a Patreon page where you can go and check out all of their previous works and also support them if you want to.

Turning people and objects into water and animals is fun, but you need to see how he calls down a meteor on a helicopter, which you can watch down in the video below.


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