GTA V: Premium Edition For Xbox One Leaks on Amazon

Last year saw GTA V become the US’ best selling game in history, and continues to attract players with its extensive Online mode. In fact, 2016 saw Rockstar made over half a billion in microstransactions alone, so you can see why they are sticking to the online aspect of the title, rather than shifting focus back to single-player. With such success in mind, it wouldn’t be surprising for them to cash in again and release another version of the game, one which could add further content and live with the visual enhancements of the Xbox One X.

Taking that into consideration, a Premium Edition of GTA V for Xbox One has been listed on Amazon, which is likely to offer the previously mentioned support for Xbox One X. You can check out the screenshot below for the listing:

There isn’t much to go off of here, though it’s likely that those who do purchase it will see the game bundled with shark cards to get them set up in GTA Online. The release date is listed 23rd March 2018, which doesn’t seem too far off the mark, given that Rockstar have released games in this month before. Saying that, there is still no official confirmation, so take it with a pinch of salt.

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