Halloween Skins Are Coming To PUBG

Maybe the people behind PUBG can’t make a stable battle royale shooter, but they can make a pretty good horror trailer.

PUBGEver since the developers of the game promised to start fixing it we haven’t seen many of those fixes. But, more items that you can buy in-game, on the other hand, have appeared. It’s hard not to feel sorry for the diehard fans of this battle royale as they have to sit and watch new Halloween skins get released while the game still has desync issues.


Are the skins at least any good? Yeah, they are pretty decent in our opinion, but nothing we haven’t seen before. Since all video games need to have some sort of Halloween-themed event, the creativity of the developers got rather dulled. Does it even matter what it’s about? No, not really, just make sure to put a lot of scary skins in there and you’re set. You may laugh at this but it’s the truth, that’s how most of these Halloween events work these days. But if anything, the trailer for these new skins is absolutely terrifying.


Maybe the PUBG devs need to ditch the battle royale genre and turn to horror games. We aren’t even joking, the trailer they made for these Halloween skins actually got us shook. Perhaps Bluehole does need to stop the development of PUBG and start working on a horror game. They can’t mess it up more than they messed up this game.

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