Halo Games’ Prices On The PC Revealed

Everyone is absolutely ecstatic that the Master Chief Collection is coming to the PC, and now we know how much each Halo game is going to cost.

This series is one of the best ones when it comes to single-player shooters. Excellent stories, incredibly compelling characters, and enjoyable shooting mechanics. Everything you ever needed, wrapped up in one awesome franchise. Now, after all this time, PC players will be able to experience these games on their platform. But, we never get to hear anything about the prices. How much are these titles going to be individually?

Now we finally got the answer to that question. Reach, Combat Evolved Anniversary, Halo 2 Anniversary, Halo 3, and Halo 4 are surprisingly cheap. They’re going to set you back $9.99USD on Steam and on the Microsoft Store. Halo 3: ODSR within the MCC will be half of that, $4.99USD.

Now, remember how we said that the Xbox Game Pass for PC is going to have some awesome titles attached to it? Well, that subscription will get you access to each of these games. That’s right, Microsoft found the most effective way to promote this service of theirs to PC players. As well as getting an amazing digital service for gaming, you also get this freaking sci-fi shooter series that has a cult following. Because it’s that freaking amazing.

We know that the newest entry in the series is launching with Project Scarlett in 2020, and how much The Master Chief Collection games are going to cost. This is truly a great year to be a Halo PC fan!

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