Halo Infinite Has Permanent Battle Passes and No Loot Boxes

It’s confirmed by 343 Industries that Halo Infinite won’t have loot boxes in its free2play multiplayer mode but it will have battle passes.

Halo Infinite loot boxes
Image credit: 343 Industries

Halo Infinite’s multiplayer mode looks too good to be true. That’s a fact, but maybe it’s time gamers got some out-of-this-world titles. We earned them, haven’t we? However, this is not where the good news ends for Halo fans.

Firstly, Halo Infinite won’t have any loot boxes in the multiplayer mode. There’s no need to lock cosmetics behind randomization and predatory practices. Secondly, there will be Battle Passes. Yet they won’t ever run out. You buy the one you want and it’s yours to keep. Get multiple ones and chose which one to focus your progression on.

The customization options are through the roof as well. Your Spartan armor is a playing field full of interchangeable parts so everyone can create something unique and original. Weapons, vehicles, you can even pick your own AI to shout in your ear when the enemy steals the flag. But you pick the one whose voice you like the most when it’s insanely loud. See how 343 Industries dive into multiplayer specifics yourself down below:

Will Halo Infinite be the biggest multiplayer release of recent history? What do you think? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments section down below!

Halo Infinite loot boxes
Image credit: 343 Industries

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  1. geometry dash says

    These new additions are designed to help you customize your approach to combat in Halo Infinite and look more like the limited Spartan abilities from Halo 5.

    1. Dante says

      Yup, the new gadgets add more combat opportunities and the fact you drop them after death so another player can pick them up is really cool

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