Halo Infinite Multiplayer Praised By Creative Director

The Halo franchise is one that is a little difficult to talk about. On one hand, the first three games are considered some of the most important games in history for one reason or another, not the least of which is helping secure the Xbox as a console in the market. It’s also had successful spinoffs like Halo Wars. But then, there are titles like ODST, Reach, and Halo 5 Guardians, which weren’t exactly fan beloved. This puts a lot of pressure on 343 Industries to make sure Halo Infinite is as good as it can be.

Now, the team in the past has acknowledged that they are learning from the mistakes of Halo 5, but also, the Master Chief Collection, which had really spotty multiplayer despite the originals being near perfect. In some posts on Twitter, Creative Director Frank O’Connor gave an update on the multiplayer, and how it is shaping up in his eyes.

Halo: Infinite

“Everything is connected, and top tier players are stacked on a pyramid of different styles and preferences,” he explained. “Options help, but the core game loop must also be good, and that will be true no matter what changes are made to the next game, and should be at least fairly considered when having conversations, as should campaign content and player options/choices.”

He did make clear though that these are just his opinions:

“And this is your annual reminder that I have subjective likes, dislikes, habits and patterns that are not only nothing to do with how we’re building the next game – some of them are object lessons to our designers about what not to do, lol. I never discuss detailed WIP.”

So it’s clear that the team won’t talk much about Halo Infinite until they feel it’s truly “time to talk”. Given that there is still no release date for the game, that point could be quite a while.

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