Halo Infinite Reveals Spectacular Multiplayer Gameplay

Halo Infinite finally lets us all take a look at its incredibly fun and free2play multiplayer action in its latest gameplay trailer.

Halo Infinite multiplayer gameplay
Image credit: 343 Industries

This, this is what the world needed. No more modern military shooters, battle royales, and that sort of nonsense. We’re going back to old-school capture the flag Halo. The frag grenades kill you instantly Halo. But, that’s not all, as now we even have grappling hooks!

Yes, it’s perfect. And it’s also free2play which makes me nervous. I don’t know why there’s just something about free-to-play games and their monetization that sends shivers down my spine. On one hand, having a franchise this popular release a multiplayer mode that everyone can play is awesome. On the other hand, why are they releasing it for free?

Whatever the case may be, Halo Infinite and its free2play multiplayer mode look stunning in the gameplay video. All the fan-favorite vehicles are back, there’s a ton of crazy new one-time-use equipment, and it all looks like Halo. Take a look at the action yourself:

Looks amazing, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, there’s no exact release date. We just know that both the Halo Infinite campaign and multiplayer arrive sometime during the 2021 Holiday season.

How excited are you?

Halo Infinite multiplayer gameplay
Image credit: 343 Industries

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