Halo Infinite’s Multiplayer Has Its Own Story

Seems like Halo Infinite’s multiplayer mode will have a sprawling story of its own within the franchise’s universe.

Halo multiplayer story
Image credit: 343 Industries

Halo Infinite’s multiplayer mode is free2play. It also has permanent Battle Passes and no loot boxes at all. Considering how awesome the game looks in all of its gameplay trailers, I’m inclined to believe the arena shooter days are back. Well, at least in some form.

But something I didn’t expect was 343 Industries basically saying the Halo Infinite multiplayer module has its own evolving story. Bet no one expected to hear that huh. This is how they put it in their latest blog:

“At the centre of our plans is a goal to deeply root your Multiplayer character in the larger Halo universe and give them a vital, active role in the Halo story moving forward,”

Halo usually keeps its multiplayer aspect separate and isolated from the single-player. I mean Infinite’s multiplayer will also be separate from Infinite’s storyline I presume. However, there’s going to be a grand sci-fi tale told over the game’s many seasons.

This isn’t strange at all, considering Fortnite’s been doing it for a long time. I’m just excited to see what kind of narrative we’ll be exploring here. I hope they make the Samurai Power Armor canon in the Halo universe. I know there’s the Hayabusa Powered Assault Armor but the Halo Infinite one looks cooler in my opinion.

Halo multiplayer story
Image credit: 343 Industries

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