Halo: Reach Arrives On PC Today

After all these years, the Halo franchise finally makes its way to our computers with Halo: Reach, which arrives on PC platforms today!

Player holding a gun in Halo: Reach
Image credit: Bungie

For a some strange reason, we PC players never got to see Master Chief in action on our platform of choice. I have no idea why, but thankfully, these are revolutionary years. For the first time ever, the Halo franchise (I don’t count the spin-offs and the strategy game) is arriving on the PC. Now is finally the time for us to experience this outstanding shooter. Time to go through the thrilling first chapter of the Halo Saga and take on 11 action-packed missions. Halo games have outstanding single-player content. That isn’t seen often in shooters today. That’s why I’m quite excited to do some solo shooting for a change.

Speaking of which, Halo: Reach brings it’s cult-classic multiplayer as well. But it comes with an overhauled progression system, crazy player customization, and 20 exceptionally crafted maps. But, that’s not all. The Xbox 360 community made a lot of maps and game modes. We’re getting all of that in the PC version. It’s a great year to be a gamer these days, especially a PC gamer. Also, the Halo Community Manager over at 343 Industries announced the exact release date of Halo: Reach for everyone on Twitter.

Frefight between two characters in Halo: Reach
Image credit: Bungie

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