Halo: Reach Lets Us Avoid Anti-Cheat To Use Mods

A certified 343 Industries employee confirmed that Halo: Reach will let us bypass Anti-Cheat so we can use mods right away.

A battle in Halo: Reach
Image credit: Bungie

I wrote about Halo: Reach last night and its arrival to PC today. Well, that’s not the only good news I bring. Mod support was already confirmed, but not for the game’s launch. But, seems like 343 Industries have a way for us to experiment with mods right away. At least in the campaign mode and custom modes. ResetEra pointed out a response from a 343 Industries employee that said that there’s a way to avoid Halo: Reach and its Anti-Cheat, which lets us use mods to a lesser extent. That way the players can use mods to a certain extent, which is excellent news. Just keep in mind that these aren’t the full modding capabilities. Those are still being worked on, and the full modding support is coming, sooner or later.

Embracing modding is always an excellent move by developers. Since it lets the player create their own stuff, which translates into a lot of free content for the playerbase to use. That, naturally, increases a game’s life span exponentially. Hell, Skyrim is still popular today because it has an obscene amount of user-created content.

A multiplayer battle in Halo: Reach
Image credit: Bungie

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