Have You Played The Hearthstone Demon Hunter Prologue?

The Hearthstone Demon Hunter prologue is now available for everyone to play and see Illidan Stormrage’s side of the story.

Hearthstone Demon Hunter prologue
Image credit: Blizzard

The Ashes of Outland expansion is launching tomorrow. The Hearthstone Demon Hunter prologue arrived way before that. Have you played it yet? It shows us how Illidan Stormrage became corrupted and what he had to sacrifice in order to save his people from the Burning Legion. Regarding the rather whimsical and comedic nature of the game, Illidan’s story is done quite tastefully. It shows us his side of the story. I mean we all knew that Illidan was never a bad guy. He’s just a misunderstood edge lord that did everything in his power to protect his people from mass genocide.

Maybe he could have done some things differently. But, the Demon Hunter prologue is fun and quite engaging. Anyone that completes this free campaign gets to unlock the Demon Hunter class and Illidan Stormrage as a hero. You also get 30 cards. A 20-card Demon Hunter Initiate set and ten Basic Demon Hunter cards. After 6 years the game finally got a new Class and a rather interesting one at that. From what we’ve seen, this is going to be a very competitive and powerful class. Let’s see how well it fares in competitive play once the expansion launches.

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