Hearthstone Finally Tones Down Rogue

Hearthstone players are all gleaming with joy now that one of the most brutally aggressive classes got a pretty important nerf.

 Hearthtone, CCG, Patch notes

Rogue is always a problem in Hearthstone. No matter what cards they get in the new expansions, their Classic set lets them pull off insane combos with spells and Edwin. Looks like Blizzard noticed this, and thus we got some good news. Three cards exclusive to this class, and one Neutral Legendary from the latest expansion are getting toned down a bit. While this isn’t anything that will utterly incapacitate Rogue, it will make certain decks much less powerful.

If you play Hearthstone, these changes will make you happy. Even Rogue players that played the tempo deck will see this as a good change. No one likes to win in the most disgusting and unfair way. Right? And doing Prep+Raiding Party into Waggle Pick and two Dread Corsairs is just stupid. That one play swings the tempo advantage so much that most decks can never recover. Then you just outright lose. Even if you make them spend all their cards, Myra’s Unstable Element gets them the gas needed to end things.

 Hearthtone, CCG, Patch notes
Hearthtone, CCG, Patch notes

Preparation now reduces the cost of the next spell by 2, and Raiding Party costs 4 mana. The EVIL Miscreant had his health go down by 1, and
Archivist Elysiana costs 9 mana. Pretty alright nerfs, but not nearly as impactful as the other two, which is fine. They were the things that let Rogue dig through their deck a bit too much, and we all know how Miracle decks from the past abused such drawing power.

Took Blizzard a good amount of time to nerf Rogue, but it’s better late than never. Now it’s time for them to focus their attention on Mage and Conjurer’s Calling. Broken in Constructed play, easy to high-roll with it in Arena. Definitely a card that is too strong right now, at least in this meta.

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