Hearthstone Is Getting In-game Tournaments, Just Not Now

Quite a lot of time has passed since Blizzard announced in-game tournaments for Hearthstone, and they are still coming, just not right now.


Hearthstone is one of the simpler CCGs out there. It also has quite a big player base. That’s how you know that your players won’t forget something that you promised. In this case, we are all patiently waiting for Blizzard to release an in-game tournament mode. It’s always cool to see those official tournaments and how one coin flip decides who wins a large amount of cash. Of course, the in-game tournaments which are coming won’t have those prizes, but they are the competitive element that we so desperately crave right now.


And? Are we getting the in-game tournaments for Hearthstone Blizzard? From what we read in this PC Gamer article, we are, but not right now. It seems like they announced this new game mode too early. That’s understandable, as the Hearthstone community caught on fire when the in-game tournaments were announced. Blizzard, being the company that never wants to disappoint their fans, decided to take a break with the whole thing. Their goal is to release this new game mode when it is completely done so that it doesn’t let anyone’s expectations down when it gets released.


Their decision is completely understandable. But, it’s also a waste of time, as there is always going to be that one player that isn’t happy with the new content. Actually, in Hearthstone you have about a thousand of these. So Blizzard, just give us in-game tournaments and ignore the crybabies! We know that you (probably) won’t disappoint us!

We’re just kidding. These things take time and patience to perfect, and we have both.

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