Hearthstone’s Galakrond Shaman Can’t Be Stopped With These Puny Nerfs

Blizzard’s latest Hearthstone nerfs try to tone down the power of Galakrond Shaman, but this deck won’t even feel these changes.

Mogu Fleshshaper, Corrupt Elementalist, Faceless Corruptor cards and their changed stats
Image taken from: https://www.hearthpwn.com/news/7154-shaman-nerfs-now-live-battlegrounds-changes-too

Have you played Hearthstone recently? The Descent of Dragons expansion came with some rather powerful cards. Now, we have seen cases of Shamanstone before. This class is either never played or it completely dominates the meta with overwhelming power. Thanks to Galakrond, all of the decks in the meta right now are judged by how efficiently they’re able to deal with this Shaman deck. Thankfully Blizzard noticed the power level of this deck. And naturally, they nerfed cards that aren’t at all the core problem. Faceless Corruptor is a card I think deserves a greater nerf. Too much sticking power beside the double Rush is the problem. The Mogu Fleshshaper nerf is alright I guess. The Corrupt Elementalist nerf is also just ok.

But, the main problems ain’t fixed. Galakrond himself arrives with an Arcanite Reaper, 5 Armor, and two 8/8 Rush minions. That is a tempo swing that usually wins the game by itself. Also, there’s the spell that summons two 5/6 Taunt minions. That didn’t receive a nerf at all for some reason. But Blizzard made sure to nerf Sludge Slurper. What the hell are you doing Blizzard? Of course, the new Deathrattle-Handbuff Rogue that abuses Necrium Apothecary and Anubisath Warbringer has not been touched. Maybe Blizzard can’t keep up with all the crazy overpowered decks that have been popping up these days. But, that’s what you get when your expansion comes with so many absurdly potent cards.

Sludge Slurper card changed stats
Image taken from: https://www.hearthpwn.com/news/7154-shaman-nerfs-now-live-battlegrounds-changes-too

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