HITMAN Offers A Free Halloween Pack To Everyone

The HITMAN Halloween Pack is full of spooky things, some pretty disturbing content, and it is free for everyone right now.


The best thing about Halloween is that everyone does a Halloween-themed event. And, most of the time, there’s quite a lot of free stuff to get during these events. For instance, Hitman players can go and download the Halloween Pack. It takes us to Colorado, an already disturbing place, and gives you full access to everything.

That’s right, everything is free, and there are quite a few contracts here that require an assassin. You have the “Freedom Fighters” mission available, and there are many Featured Contracts and Escalation Contracts waiting to be completed. It seems like Colorado is a place where you can find work easily. If by work you mean murdering people in all kind of ways.


The developers of HITMAN do know how to make a short but effective trailer. They really embraced the horror in the HITMAN Halloween Pack video. Eerie music, a haunting opening, and a spooky bat effect at the end, everything absolutely screams Halloween, and we dig it. Players will get to enjoy 10 Featured Contracts that revolve around scary themes. We always wanted to get scared or creeped out in a Hitman game, so our wish is becoming reality.

Are you going to enjoy the festivities with this horror-themed pack, or will you sit this one out?



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