How Has Atlas Improved Since It Launched?

The Atlas devs released quite a lot of patches for their game recently, but has the overall state of the game improved by much?


Atlas had a very tragic start, mostly because the developers released a totally unplayable game and marketed it as something that it wasn’t, at least not at that moment. Has the situation improved at all? A lot of patches were released since the game’s launch, and all kinds of things got fixed and improved. Was it enough? Maybe, but the upcoming V10.0 patch is what all the players are waiting for.

Why? Because patch V10.0 is bringing a lot of needed quality of life changes and improvements. Claiming a territory and stealing one should be less tedious and frustrating. Sea Monsters won’t be able to one-shot everything as their damage is being reduced by 66%. You won’t be able to mess up random anchored ships as Metal Tools will no longer be able to destroy the planks on them. Eating feces will kill you right away.


Atlas was marketed as a pirate MMO, but if you’ve played the game, you know being a pirate comes with quite a lot of disadvantages. For example, making a ship is really hard. That’s why we’re getting the Ramshackle Sloop, a pre-built sloop that is pretty horrible in terms of plank HP, carry weight, and crew limit, but it’s cheap. The cost of certain ships has also been adjusted, with some getting their cost reduced by 50%.

But, the most important thing that’s coming with patch V10.0? Improvements to server performance, stalls, and so on. The game also needs to greatly work on its optimization, but the devs will get to that as well, at least we hope they do.


Atlas is still a messy grind fest with a lot of optimization issues, server issues, and an incredible amount of bugs. But it’s slowly getting better. What will the game look like by the end of 2019? That’s what we are looking forward to finding out.

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