Humankind Gets Hit With A Surprise Delay

Just one month before it was supposed to release on Steam and the Epic Games Store, Humankind got with a delay.

Humankind delay
Image credit: AMPLITUDE Studios

A delay for the usual reasons

Humankind is Civilization’s rival. The 4X turn-based strategy genre isn’t too popular. But, even then there’s a reigning champion that’s miles above the competition. At least when it comes to popularity. Sid Meier’s Civilization is the most popular and known game in this genre. It never had much competition, but Humankind is like a clone made to kill the original.

However, while we were quite excited to see Humankind’s take on the turn-based 4X formula, we won’t be doing that soon. You see, this strategy game was coming on April 22nd. Yet, like most titles these days, Humankind got hit with a delay. Still, the OpenDev program is coming back on April 22nd, which is a chance for people to give their feedback on the game and what they like or don’t like.

The devs are taking this time to implement player feedback

At least Amplitude Studios is using this time to fix some things that players find annoying. They’re improving pacing, so your gaming sessions don’t finish too fast. The abundance of resources is another target for fixing. After all, you can’t strategize and tactically crush your enemies when everyone has tons of resources all the time. Diplomacy and A.I. will get some love as well.

Humankind arrives on August 17th, 2021.

Humankind delay
Image credit: AMPLITUDE Studios

While we wait for Humankind, you can enjoy the Civilization games, all of which are available for a crazy-low price on HRK Game!

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