Humble Store Gives Another Game Out For Free

The Humble Store is a great place to pick up all sorts of digital goods, and they occasionally give out free games as well.

A Story About My Uncle

We don’t get many first-person platforming adventure games today. That’s because making the first-person perspective work with platforming mechanics isn’t all that easy. But, if you manage to make it work, you’re going to have a terrific experience at your disposal. Add a story to it and a captivating strange world, and you get A Story About My Uncle. All boys of a young age probably wanted to own a grappling hook at one point. In this game, you get a magical gauntlet that is basically that.

A Story About My Uncle

Using the gauntlet as a grappling hook means you will be doing a lot of swinging in this game. The scenery is absolutely breathtaking and quite strange, which just adds to the atmosphere that the game sets. The whole point of this title is to find out where your uncle is located. On your journey, you’re going to meet all kinds of quirky and memorable creatures that are happy to help you with your quest.

A Story About My Uncle

It’s quite an amazing thing to build up speed and momentum in this title, which is one of the core parts of its gameplay. Swing through this outlandish world with your grappling hook and find out where your uncle is!

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