Hunt: Showdown Getting Solo PvE Mode In The Future

After getting a new publisher, Hunt: Showdown announced some upcoming plans which includes a solo PvE mode.

Hunter in the middle of a swamp
Image credit: Crytek

Crytek got a new publisher. Koch Media Publisher will publish the game on PS4 and Xbox One. That’s right, this battle royale horror strategic FPS is coming to PlayStation in February. Crytek remains as the game’s publisher for PC. This will hopefully deliver the ultimate Hunt: Showdown experience on all platforms. However, this isn’t the only news. Update 1.2 is on the way. With it we can expect new Legendary Hunters,  new equipment and weapons, a better tutorial, random teams of three, and system improvements like server-side performance improvement as well as client CPU performance fixes, and so on.

What comes after that? Cross-play between console platforms, exciting live-events, customizations for your outfits, a new map, and a solo PvE mode. It would be really exciting to see how a Hunt: Showdown solo PvE mode plays. Maybe it could even get some story later down the line. Something like that. A single-player campaign? It could happen in the future. Such stellar audio and an incredibly gripping atmosphere would absolutely shine in the oppressive and solitude-filled single-player format.

Hunter aiming his rifle at a monster
Image credit: Crytek

This is one of the most unique combinations of genres you can find. Hunt scary bosses, fight other players and come out on top. It’s complete and utter chaos with a lot of dying. However, it’s a great experience, and it’s incredibly fun. Want to give it a try? Hunt: Showdown is available on HRK Game for a great price right now!

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