Hunt: Showdown Was Targeted By Hackers

Seems like hackers are running wild as Hunt: Showdown devs took to a video to explain how a group of hackers targeted them and their game.

Hunt: Showdown hackers
Image credit: Crytek

Hunt: Showdown, if you’re not familiar with it, is one of the most intense online shooters on the market. It’s a combination of horror, brutal gunplay, and an eerie atmosphere. These factors together make Hunt: Showdown a perfect game for anyone that wants a refreshing competitive shooter. One that’s also scary.

The game has its ups and downs when it comes to server issues and disconnects. But now there’s a much bigger problem. Crytek released a whole video explaining the current situation. Crytek did have a lot of issues during the Traitor’s Moon event. However, it turns out a malicious attack was launched during that time. They’re looking into what happened and pulling out more complex defensive options to protect against these kinds of things to make sure they don’t repeat in the future.

The 1.8.1 update that’s coming will address the rest of the remaining issues, so what remains of the ISP problems is getting resolved soon.

It looks like hackers are busy these days, as Apex Legends is another competitive shooter that has issues with this kind of people. Let’s hope Crytek deals with these Hunt: Showdown hackers soon.

Hunt: Showdown hackers
Image credit: Crytek

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