Icarus Gets a Small Delay

DayZ’s creator went from a zombie survival genre to a sci-fi alien world survival in his latest game Icarus, which just got a small delay.

Icarus delay
Image credit: RocketWerkz


The creator of DayZ obviously doesn’t want to move away from the survival genre. Which is fine, he definitely knows how to make a grueling and also engaging game where you just need to stay alive in a brutal and unforgiving world.

However, we won’t be experiencing survival on an alien planet when we were supposed to. Icarus is the next in line of games hit with a delay. Seems like he learned his lesson with DayZ. Don’t release games early. It can backfire in all sorts of horrible ways.

But, it’s not all doom and gloom my fellow survival enthusiasts. We’re getting a ton of beta events instead. Each next one unlocks more content for us to try. There are five of them coming, and the first one starts on August 28th, 2021. Read more about them to find out what they’re letting players experience.

Everyone that preorders the game gets access to the beta. So, if you want to test your survival expertise on a hostile alien planet, Icarus might be your cup of tea. The game arrives in November.

Icarus delay
Image credit: RocketWerkz

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