Injustice 2 Shows Off New Atom Trailer

Injustice 2 is continuing to grow every bigger with each new DLC pack. Already adding legendary characters like Starfire, Raiden, Red Hood, Black Manta, Hellboy, and more. And now, with the upcoming Fighter Pack 3, legendary hero Ryan Choi, aka The Atom, is going to be joining the party as well. Choi is the second man to wield the Atom suit, most famously after original bearer, Ray Palmer disappears. Since then, Choi proved he was a worthy Atom, including being in Batman’s personal Justice League of America in the current comics.

A new trailer for Ryan Choi was unleashed today, and it further cemented why Atom is a foe you have to be careful around. For not only is Choi a scientific genius, his suit, and quantum belt allow him to change his size in order to better deal with the problems around him. He’ll shrink, then punch you with the force of a cannonball. Or, he can literally get inside your head and do damage that way. Plus, as his special finisher shows, he can grow very large and smash you into the ground.

His inclusion proves that NetherRealm Studios is living up to their promises of bringing in more and more “obscure” DC Comics characters into the game. Which is also evident with the upcoming arrival of Enchantress, who is best known by the casual comics crowd for her role in the Suicide Squad film.

Of course, the inclusion that everyone is still talking about for Fighter Pack 3 is the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, all four of them. We still have no idea how they’re going to play as a fighting unit, but we’ll no doubt find out soon.

If you haven’t gotten Injustice 2, and want all the character, you can get the Ultimate Edition, ensuring that all past and future DLC characters will be available to you.

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