Is Deathgarden A Better Dead by Daylight?

The developers of Dead by Daylight announced their brand new game, and it’s looking like a reverse of their previous title. Their previous game, Dead by Daylight is a game where a group of survivors tries to live through a night while a supernatural killer hunts them down and tries to kill them in the most gruesome way possible. Dead by Daylight was really well received when it just came out, but now it seems like the game lost its charm as the survivors seem to be more powerful than the killer that’s supposed to be a menacing threat. But, maybe Deathgarden manages to succeed where the previous title failed.

Deathgarden has a very interesting premise, even though it’s one that is probably going to be hard to get right, as there are five hunters that are tracking down one runner. While that does sound very interesting, how will the runner actually be able to actively avoid 5 hunters which will undoubtedly have very powerful abilities or weapons at their disposal? Maybe they make it work, maybe they don’t, but we do know that their current title, Dead by Daylight is really unbalanced, which you can tell from all the recent Negative Reviews on the game’s Steam page. Still, it’s a fun game that you can definitely enjoy, especially if you’re playing with a couple of friends.

We will be able to see more of Deathgarden this year at PAX East, so be on the lookout!

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