Is Space Punks Just Borderlands With an Isometric Point of View?

Space Punks looks to me like an alternate reality Borderlands game with the only different thing about it being the isometric point of view.

Space Punks isometric
Image credit: Flying Wild Hog

Borderlands is best recognized for its bright cell-shaded colors and its goofy humor. The type of humor that comes straight from a B-tier action-comedy type of movie. Nothing to brag about, that’s for sure, but it’s enough for the franchise to establish its own identity.

That’s why I’m utterly confused by Space Punks, which looks too much like Borderlands but if it was an isometric twin-stick shooter with RPG elements. Now you see why I said it’s an alternate reality Borderlands game. Don’t believe me? Check the official reveal trailer for yourself then:

The wacky dialogue, the over-the-top action, the graphics, all of it screams Borderlands to me. But, that’s enough of comparison. Since the Diablo/ARPG genre needs something refreshing, this game is the perfect candidate, even though it’s really lacking in the originality department.

If it nails the combat and progression, with some sort of end game, it’s going to be a nice addition to ARPG player’s library. For now, we wait until July 14th for the game’s Early Access. There’s an open beta aiming for winter of 2021.

Space Punks isometric
Image credit: Flying Wild Hog

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