It’s The First Anniversary Of Kritika Online

Developers always plan out special events for their games and their anniversaries. You get presents for your birthday, don’t you? So, naturally, when a title gets a year older you get rewarded again, and Kritika Online players can look forward to the best thing ever, and that is cake. Well, unfortunately, it is not the kind of cake that you can eat, but it is a special kind of currency that you can trade for exclusive items, which is also cool. The Hide-and-Seek event is also live during the first five days of the anniversary, so make sure to check that out as well.

Kritika Online

Every boss in Kritika Online’s Danger Zones is going to drop extra loot when you kill them. This loot is birthday cake, which you can use to trade for a huge birthday cake in the middle of town that can give you all kinds of items. If you’re more of a fashion fan, you can trade these cake pieces for unique Anniversary costume items.

That’s not all folks, as we also have the Hide-and-Seek event where you have to find King Piglet’s relatives. So, you get the gist of it, find his relatives that are hiding all across Kirenos and you will get awesome prizes like Mysterious Keys and even Emblem boxes. This looks like it’s going to be a really fun anniversary for Kritika Online, so go out there and celebrate!


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