John Carmack Ain’t Happy With VR’s Advancement

The Oculus VR CTO, John Carmack, just got a lifetime achievement award at the VR Awards, but he expected more from VR technology.

John Camack
Image credit: PC Gamer

Even though John Carmack just got an achievement award at the third VR Awards, the guy isn’t really happy with the virtual technology and its advancement over the years. This legendary game developer has been in the industry for a while now. But, his work with VR technology hasn’t been too exciting for him. Why? Well, in his words: “, I really haven’t been satisfied with the pace of progress that we’ve been making”. The guy is so ambitious that he isn’t really all that flattered by this award. He still has so many more ideas to realize. After these ideas get brought into reality, John says he can then reminisce happily about his achievements.

I can see that John wants more out of VR technology. In this PC Gamer article, he said: “All that technology really doesn’t mean much until it’s brought in service of user value”. But, why is that the case? Well, the three A’s of any product tell us the whole story: Accessibility, Affordability, Appeal. VR technology is a niche right now as it’s too expensive. Also, most triple-A titles don’t support VR technology at all. Lastly, VR tech requires a special set up. Until all of this gets adjusted more for the average consumer, VR won’t be anything but expensive and quirky technology that’s just not for everyone.

John Carmack
Game: Beat Sabre

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