Joker And Harley Quinn Skins Coming To PUBG

Today on most unexpected things we bring you the news that PUBG is getting the Joker and Harley Quinn skins.


There was no real indication as to why this partnership between PUBG and DC happened. We guess you could say that PUBG is the game equivalent of the DC cinematic universe, while Fortnite is the equivalent of the Marvel cinematic universe. That could explain why there was a mode in which you could play as Thanos in Fortnite, and why PUBG is introducing these DC-themed skins to the game. It all seems like a really strange way for these companies to promote each other. Marketing has become unusual these days.


Have you watched the trailer that announced these skins? It wasn’t as well made as some earlier trailers, but it re-created the prison escape scene from Suicide Squad. Not the smartest idea considering how much of a failure that movie was, but what can you do. They needed some situation to best represent these skins. We do commend the devs for doing a great job on the Harley Quinn skin. It’s quite accurate and looks much like the version of the femme fatale from the movie. The Joker skin, on the other hand, looks absolutely atrocious.


These skins are coming soon, as the video description says. No exact time was given, but you should expect to see the Joker and the Harley Quinn skins in a week or so. Maybe later down the line, we’ll see a Batman skin with a voice modulator so you can run around shooting people while yelling: “I’M BATMAN”, even though Batman doesn’t use guns.

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