Jump Force 2019 Roadmap Released

The anime brawler Jump Force got its 2019 roadmap released, which shows just how much content we’re getting and when.

Jump Force

Of course, the game is getting free updates, that was to be expected. But, don’t worry, even though this brawler already features an incredible amount of 49 playable characters, there are others coming later, but they are going to be a part of paid DLC. Which is completely fair, the base 49 characters that you can find in Jump Force are plenty.

Apart from new costumes that players will get via free updates, you can also look forward to World Boss events, Arena Events, Tournament events, and much more. The thing that everyone is trying to figure out now is who are the new characters are going to be?

Jump Force

Seito Kaiba, the most savage duelist from the Yu-Gi-Oh! anime is coming, but who else is coming with him? Certain anime in the game aren’t represented as much as others, which is normal since franchises like Naruto, Dragon Ball, Bleach, One Piece and so on have a much larger fanbase than something like HunterXHunter 2011. That’s why there are more characters in the game from those anime.

Still, we hope some of the lesser known anime get some of their more iconic heroes and villains as well. Since the story is pretty terrible and the combat is mediocre at best, Jump Force needs to have more iconic anime badasses which you can pick to fight other badasses. That’s where the main appeal of this title lies.

Jump Force

Have you been playing Force Jump lately? If so, which characters would you like to see as a part of future DLC?

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