Kingdom Hearts III DLC Confirmed

It’s hard to believe that it’s already been a month since the release of Kingdom Hearts III. The game that has been 13 years in the making made a big splash on the world when it came out on PS4 and Xbox One at the end of January, and is already the best-selling game in the franchise. However, many were wondering if there would be additional content for the title, a first for the series if so. It turns it, there will be, as Square Enix has confirmed both paid and free DLC.

Director Tetsuya Nomura sat down with Dengeki PlayStation and listed off some of the things that players can expect in the Kingdom Hearts III DLC. First off, there will be a new Critical Mode, which is a new difficulty mode. And, there will be expansions that help flesh out parts of the main story that might not have been picked up on or explained well. Kind of like what happened with Final Fantasy XV.

Kingdom Hearts III

And one of the expansions (likely the paid ones) will focus on a certain member of Organization XIII who reappeared in the main game. The DLC is already in production, but Nomura wouldn’t give out a release date about when they would come.

Meanwhile, if you have the game on Xbox One, you likely have been experiencing some problems with starting the title up. Microsoft has been made aware of this, and is working on the solution:

Just pick up Kingdom Hearts 3 for Xbox One and running into issues attempting to play? Not to worry, we’re aware and working to address the issue as soon as possible. For continued updates, make sure to check here, our check our status page.

We’ll just have to see when it gets fixed, and when the DLC arrives for Kingdom Hearts III.

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