Kingdom Hearts III Not Coming To Nintendo Switch?

Kingdom Hearts III has been a desired title for well over a decade, and now that it’s here, most everyone is thrilled with the result. The game is fun, the story is just what fans expected, and the new worlds are something to behold. The team at Square Enix did well with their promise to deliver a true Kingdom Hearts experience on console once again. But, not all the consoles got the game, one specific console didn’t get it at all: The Nintendo Switch.

The reason why many wanted this to happen is because while there was a gap between Kingdom Hearts II and Kingdom Hearts III, there were plenty of Kingdom Hearts games in between, and most of them were on Nintendo platforms. Mainly, the DS and 3DS with 365/2, Re: Coded and Dream Drop Distance. Many feel that Square Enix should honor Nintendo by porting the game to Switch.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Kingdom Hearts III

But the question of course is, “Will they?” The rumors have been swirling for some time now that it might, and that Square Enix is open to it, but now, a tip from Game Informer seems to indicate that it might not happen.

“Last I heard, there was a talk between Nintendo and Square Enix about what they could do with Kingdom Hearts III. It was deemed unfeasible to get Kingdom Hearts III on the Switch.”

Said source said that it would be hard to put the game on the system without “pairing it down” which Square Enix wouldn’t want to do. Whether this is true or not is unclear because as Nintendo proved in their recent Nintendo Direct, the Switch can handle many high-graphics titles. Such as the new title from Platinum Games in Astral Chain, or MARVELOUS! and Daemon X Machina.

The real question is whether Square Enix is going to want to put in the work for it, and whether they think the game will sell well on Switch. Personally, I think it would.

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