Kingdom Hearts Series Coming To PC For The First Time Ever

Kingdom Hearts series is coming to PC after 19 long years, but it’s coming as an Epic Games Store exclusive.

Kingdom Hearts PC
Image credit: Square Enix

Kingdom Hearts comes to PC, but carries a heavy price

Kingdom Hearts is an incredibly strange series. Square Enix partnered up with Disney to mix up all these different characters with Sora, the protagonist, as they go on various epic adventures. As expected, the story is all over the place. Yet, this is a fan-favorite franchise, with a cult-classic status, and now it’s finally coming to PC. However, there’s a catch, because we can’t ever have nice things.

The Kingdom Hearts franchise comes to us as an Epic Games Store exclusive. While the 13 games from this franchise are loved by the fans and are commercially successful, this exclusivity deal will anger many.

Exclusive forever, or only for some time?

A lot of people would probably pay $240 to play the Kingdom Hearts series on their computer. Yet, people dislike the Epic Games and their Epic Games Store. Some say Epic Games install spyware on users’ PCs, others hate that they’re gatekeeping games with exclusivity deals.

Whatever the case may be, Epic Games aren’t loved by the PC gaming community. You can already see the comments on the tweet that announced the exclusivity. People aren’t happy, so for now let’s all just hope this is a timed exclusive.

Is this enough to stop you from getting the Kingdom Hearts games on PC? Let me know your thoughts and opinions on this situation in the comments section down below!

Kingdom Hearts PC
Image credit: Square Enix

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  1. Buster Solomon says

    Thank you for the review of this game. My kids will be happy to read it. Will share it with them shortly. Have a great day, please.

  2. interstellar princess says

    Yeah, loved it too. Look, Buster, how old are your kids? I have three kids, they are 11, 13 and 15. And they said that it was rather difficult for them to play this game! So what to do then? Recently I found fnf mods online for them to explore. Do you think that will suffice? Although I am sure it will. There are plenty of games.

  3. Dari says

    Well, this game is still far from chess or mahjong in terms of durability.
    To add to those who asked: Mahjongg Alchemy play online

  4. Mera Semu says

    I love the Kingdom Hearts series so much. It’s a unique and magical experience that combines the best of Disney and Final Fantasy. The characters are lovable, the stories are heartwarming, and the gameplay fnf is a lot of fun. I’ve played through the games countless times, and I still enjoy them as much as I did the first time around.

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