Kingdom Hearts Voice Actor Up For Continuing His Role As Sora

There are a lot of roles in developing a video game, and one of the biggest ones is that of voice actor. Granted, not every game does voice acting, and that’s fine, but when it is required, the need for quality voice acting is key. Because everyone can tell when a voice doesn’t match a character. The Kingdom Hearts franchise has so many characters that voice acting is crucial, especially for its main character, Sora. Thankfully, Haley Joel Osment has been killing it for 18 years.

Yeah, you read that right, the same guy has been voicing Sora for 18 years, and with Kingdom Hearts III finally out, you might think he’s ready to stop. But no, he’s willing to keep going with it.

“It’s by far the longest relationship I’ve had with any character. I’d be happy playing this character forever,”

That’s a lot of love and dedication towards a single character.

Kingdom Hearts III

Osment also commented on the longevity of the series and why it still works as a franchise:

“You have some of the best creative minds in gameplay and storytelling,” said Osment about the franchise’s lasting popularity. “The variety of worlds and how complex the gameplay is is how [the developers] have kept up with the international arms race that is video games now.”

But…he also knows that the latest title has taken its sweet time to get done…

“I was doing a Q&A in Philadelphia and almost all the questions were about when the next Kingdom Hearts was coming out — and that was seven years ago,” 

So there you go. It looks like Haley Joel Osment is for being Sora forever. But will the game series allow that? Well, that’s up to Square Enix now, as the team is working hard on various properties, and this latest title was supposed to be an ending, but whether it truly is or not is up for debate.

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