Latest Total War: Three Kingdoms Trailer Lacks War

With the title, Total War: Three Kingdoms – A Hero’s Journey Trailer you would expect some battling to occur, but that was not the case.

Total War: Three Kingdoms

As we know, Total War: Three Kingdoms is the latest Total War game that we’re getting, and it is set in the Three Kingdoms period. That time period was very turbulent, as the three states waged war against each other. That’s why we were very excited to see a new trailer for the game. Maybe we’re going to see some spectacular action where the Chinese warriors get to show their skills. Did we get that? No, no we didn’t. But we do get to see some absolutely spectacular scenery, most of which will be stained by blood and corpses when we actually play the game.

Total War: Three Kingdoms

The game is going to have these legendary heroes which will be incredibly strong. Strong enough to take on a lot of enemies at once, Dynasty Warriors-style. Exactly for that reason, we expected to see some fighting in this trailer. At least a scene. But, the focus here is on the environments and their beauty.

From breathtaking mountain tops to snowy valleys, Total War: Three Kingdoms has some absolutely charming scenery to look at. They are pushing the engine to the very limits, as the landscapes never looked as vivid as this in any other Total War game before.

Total War: Three Kingdoms

The game arrives on March 7th, and everyone is excited to try out the new game mode in which the three legendary heroes possess superhuman abilities. Who doesn’t want to see one man in their army go to town and wreck an entire group of enemy soldiers?

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