Latest World War Z Trailer Showcases PvPvZ

Worrying about both the other players and the zombies in World War Z is definitely going to be a fun time for everyone.

World War Z

Ah, remember the good old days when DayZ was the first title to make the whole “zombie survival” genre popular? Now, so much time has passed that the genre got forgotten while others like battle royale became the trending topic. Still, there are developers today that are making co-op survival games where you have to deal with both zombies and humans. World War Z is one of those games, and its latest trailer showcases the PvPvZ mode.

Player vs Player vs Zombies. The mode is pretty self-explanatory. Kill all the pesky humans that are standing in your way while you’re also mowing down the undead zombies that are hunting you down all the time. Sounds like a pretty fun time all things considered.

World War Z

Saber Interactive is using the World War Z movie as an inspiration for this game, which should be obvious from the name alone. As in the movie, the zombies in the game are also an unrelenting danger that constantly keeps the pressure up on you. They approach from all sides in swarms. The gameplay shown in the video is incredibly intense. Hopefully, the game ends up like that as well, since no real gameplay got shown up to this point.

World War Z

The game will have other modes like King of the Hill, Swarm Domination, Swarm Deathmatch, and more. The selling point is that you have to kill the opposing team while also escaping the clutches of fleseating zombies. The premise is thrilling, but we have to see the execution of the idea before we say anything more. Stay tuned for more news on World War Z!

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