Layers of Fear 2 Confirmed

It seems like horror and art are inseparable, as Layers of Fear 2 will show us the dread of being an actor.

Layers of Fear 2


Layers of Fear was quite a unique horror experience. It let us explore a mind of an insane painter on his mission to paint his final masterpiece, the Magnum Opus. For the most part, it was a thrilling and quite eerie experience. Quite vivid, disturbing, yet it made you want to delve deeper into the insanity of the main character. There was something quite entrancing about his twisted view of the world. That’s why we’re excited about Layers of Fear 2, even though it won’t follow the footsteps of another painter.

Layers of Fear 2

No, this one focuses on the life of an actor. The style and the look of the sequel seem to be the same as the first game. That’s good, we want that enthralling horror from which you just can’t look away. Still, we do wonder what precisely is going on with this actor. Is he also going insane? From the look of the brief reveal teaser we didn’t get much information. We’re totally fine with that, it’s just our curiosity wants to get at least a small hint as to what made this character break mentally.

Layers of Fear 2

When is Layers of Fear 2 coming you might ask? There is no info on the release date right now, but we’re guessing sometime next year. We’ll keep you updated if we find out more so stay tuned!

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