League of Legends Ending Position Ranks

League of Legends has been doing a lot of things for a long time. And ranking players based on their skills and abilities is one of the things that has driven the game in most ways. But, one major ranking system is about to end, the Position Rankings. This is because the team at Riot Games have noted multiple problems not just maintaining the ranks, but also, working hard to make sure that the top of the ladder fights those on their level.

On their site, the team described what was going on:

With position ranks, we decided to run a preview in North America and Korea as a way to gather feedback and iterate on the feature before rolling it out more broadly. Six weeks into the season and after numerous bug fixes and tweaks, a significant number of you are still frustrated with the grindiness, low satisfaction of off-position games, and teammates not taking off-position games seriously enough.

League of Legends

They went on:

Since the beginning, we vowed to develop this feature with you and promised we would roll it back if you weren’t enjoying it. We stand by that promise, so on March 13 we’re ending the position ranks preview in North America and Korea and discontinuing the rollout of position ranks globally.

They gave one final note on the subject and what it’ll affect:

Even though we’re ending the position ranks preview, we made a ton of improvements to matchmaking in the process of building the feature—like faster queue times and higher primary position rates—that we’ll be keeping. 

Check out the full League of Legends page for more details.

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