League of Legends: Season 19 Starts With A Spectacular Cinematic

League of Legends always has brilliant cinematics, and the one that starts Season 19 off is absolutely incredible.

League of Legends

The most frightening thing about this cinematic is that it actually represents how most games turn out in this MOBA game. Jhin is blasting away at Camille while she’s trying to avoid his traps, a stupid Draven is trying to 1v1 the Riven and comes into melee range of her, and Irelia, Karma, Akali, Yasuo, and Kennen all everything to kill one guy, Sion.

Maybe Riot finally figured out how their game actually looks like when you play it, and then they based their entire cinematic around that.

League of Legends

We’re not quite sure if any of this ties into the lore of the game since we see Draven throw Riven’s sword at her, before jumping into this gladiator ring to fight her one-on-one. Also, in the battle between Ionia and the Noxus forces, why did we only see one champion that represented Noxus? Sion’s entrance was pretty badass, that’s true, but where was Katarina, or Talon, or even Swain?

Also the moment when we saw a giant tornado rip through the Noxus army actually gave us goosebumps. It also shows how it feels like when a really fed Yasuo charges into your team.

League of Legends

The skirmish between Camille’s forces and Jhin wasn’t all that exciting, but it got really visually pleasing at the end. But, the battle between Akali, Karma, Kennen, Yasuo, and Irelia took the cake, as it was quite funny to see all five of them take on Sion. That’s pretty much what happens each time in-game as well.

League of Legends

Only WoW cinematics are as grandiose as the LoL ones, and we love them. Who doesn’t? The animations look so slick and detailed that we’re still wondering why haven’t we got a League of Legends animated movie? Riot? What are you waiting for?

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